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Program of cultural education of convicted women

Program of cultural education of convicted women 2015 has come to an end

“All of Poland Reads to Kids” Foundation has just finished a program directed to women convicts who serve their sentences together with their children, which has been realized in Prison in Grudziądz since March 2015. Thanks to psychological workshops and educational classes imprisoned mothers gained knowledge about emotional needs of children and the ways to fulfill them as well as received help in building their own self-esteem and dealing with difficult emotions.

There is about 30 mothers with little children in Grudziądz Prison. Most of the babies were born behind bars. Participants attended psychologically-pedagogical lectures and workshops, among others about teaching values, communication, the emotional needs of children and ways to satisfy them, coping with difficult feelings and motivations. A specially constructed program of classes enabled women to discover their acting or artistic talents, gain new educational skills and build confidence as well. During the drama classes they had an opportunity to work with their body and voice as well as perform in a finale performance. On their own they created the stage scenery. The performance based on the “Little Mermaid” story had been recorded and the DVDs were given as a Christmas present to convicts’ older children living outside of the prison, with stepfamilies or in orphanages.

Women who participated in the project confess that they feel more confident now and have higher self-esteem as well as more faith in the future. Participants also highlight that they feel more competent in the roles of mothers although some of them have already several children.

The project was implemented with the financial support from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.    

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